Tubi Super Bowl Commercial Fooled Millions of Fans During Game


The Tubi Super Bowl commercial, titled “Interface Interruption”, had viewers in a state of confusion during Sunday’s big game.

Featuring Fox sports commentators Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen, the ad appeared to be an interruption of the Super Bowl broadcast.

As the two were commentating on the game, the screen appeared to flicker and switch to the Tubi app, where “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was playing.

Many fans were left believing that someone in their household had mistakenly changed the channel, causing households across the nation to panic.

The ad had fooled millions of viewers into thinking they had missed out on crucial moments of the game.

The commercial was designed to grab the attention of the viewers by making them believe that they were missing out on the action.

The Tubi ad served as an interruption, using the Super Bowl broadcast to showcase its own streaming services. As a result, households across the country were reaching for their remotes in a frenzy, only to realize that it was just an ad.

It is worth noting that Tubi is owned by FOX, the same company that was broadcasting the Super Bowl.

This connection made the commercial even more convincing to viewers, who believed that the interruption was genuine.

In the end, it was revealed that the interruption was nothing more than a cleverly crafted ad for the streaming service.

Fans were returned to the Super Bowl broadcast, with Kevin and Greg resuming their commentary. The commercial was a hit, with many viewers taking to social media to express their surprise and admiration for the clever marketing strategy.

As the old adage goes, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” The Tubi Super Bowl commercial certainly had viewers talking, even if it did momentarily cause widespread panic.

By capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl, Tubi was able to reach millions of potential customers and generate buzz around its brand.

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