Two MMA Fighters Surprise Crowd as they Kiss during Pre-Fight Faceoff


The pre-fight face-off is an age-old tradition in combat sports where opponents square up against each other to intimidate and trash-talk one another.

However, a recent pre-fight face-off between two female MMA fighters, Karina Pedro and Denisa Ryndova, turned out to be a surprising moment for the crowd.

During the Clash of the Stars event held at Prague’s O2 arena, Karina and Denisa faced off alongside their fighting partners, Inked Dory and Kristal Shine, respectively.

As the two models leaned in towards each other, Denisa surprised everyone by leaning in for a kiss, which Karina reciprocated with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

Despite the lighthearted exchange, the competitive spirit was alive and well in the four-woman bout.

Ultimately, Karina and Inked Dory emerged victorious, but the kiss between Karina and Denisa became the talk of the town.

Denisa later shared a clip of the moment on her Instagram page, calling it her favorite moment of the entire event.

Karina, who is an online model, also posted the footage on social media, describing it as “pure fire” and a testament to the “harmonious energy” between her and Denisa.

While some viewers were taken aback by the unexpected PDA, many others appreciated the moment.

Social media was abuzz with comments, with some expressing surprise, while others jokingly wondered why other fighters don’t do this pre-fight.

While the kiss stole the show, it shouldn’t overshadow the efforts of the other fighters, including Inked Dory, who put up a fierce fight against her opponent.

Karina acknowledged the difficulty of the preparation and the match itself and expressed gratitude for the win.

The unexpected kiss between Karina and Denisa may have been surprising, but it was also a reminder that even in a competitive sport like MMA, there’s always room for sportsmanship, respect.

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