UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Sparks Outrage by Talking About Shooting Homeless People


Joe Rogan has sparked huge criticism after suggesting you could shoot homeless people dead in order to steal their possessions.

While talking with comedian Tom Segura on his podcast, the pair ended up on the topic of rough sleepers and how their property is protected under law.

Segura said:

“When you see stuff like that on the streets, at least in Los Angeles or California, that’s protected property,”

“Like by law. That’s that’s person’s property by law.”

Rogan replied:

 “You’d get arrested. Hilarious.

“But they wouldn’t arrest you if you shot somebody. Maybe you should just go shoot the homeless people.”

Watch below:

As expected, this caused major backlash online. Theo Henderson, the creator behind We the Unhoused podcast said:

“It’s repulsive,”

“It’s infuriating because it’s not only out of touch, but the reality is that unhoused people are targeted by housed people.

“To advocate trying to shoot at unhoused people or just giving these dog whistles to people that do not see unhoused people as human beings — I can’t believe you’d advocate for it.”

“It’s a very abysmal response to a varied situation that we all should be really concerned and working aggressively to put people in housing right now.”


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