US Prisoner of War Blinked out Terrifying Message in Morse Code during Propaganda Broadcast


A US prisoner of war sent a message using only his eyes while being forced to answer questions in a propaganda broadcast.

Jeremiah Denton was one of many prisoners of war in the Vietnam War.

He was held in a POW camp in North Vietnam for almost eight years.

The US citizen was forced to take part in propaganda news segments that were designed to show that the guards were abiding by human rights laws.

In the video, Denton assured reported that he had access to ‘adequate food, clothing and medical care’, his eyes shared another secret message.

He used morse code to blink out the word ‘torture’.

Denton also risked further harm to himself by saying:

“I don’t know what is happening but whatever the position of my government is, I support it,”

“Whatever the position of my government, I believe in it, yes, sir. I am a member of that government, and it is my job to support it, and I will as long as I live.”

Watch below:

What a hero!

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