US Tourist Fell into Mount Vesuvius after Taking Selfie and Ignoring Signs


A US tourist took a forbidden route up Mount Vesuvius and ended up injuring himself after falling into the crater while taking a selfie.

The 23-year-old dropped his phone into the crater of the active volcano in Italy. In a reckless attempt to retrieve the phone, the American fell several metres into the volcano.

Guides had to abseil into the crater to retrieve him and a mountain rescue helicopter was called.

The tourist had minor injuries such as cuts and bruises on his arms and back. The 23-year-old refused to go to hospital, as reported by La Repubblica.

The man and his family are now under investigation after taking the forbidden route and ignoring signs to turn back as that way was dangerous.

The family also reportedly did not buy tickets and bypassed a turnstile – they have been reported to the police and may be charged with invasion of public land.

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