Uvalde Cop with Punisher Logo on Phone was Waiting to Hear from his Dying Wife During Shooting


New details have emerged about the police officer who was seen checking his phone during the Uvalde school shooting.

The cop was seen over CCTV checking his phone while unspeakable things were happening just a few feet from him at Robb Elementary school.

People online also pointed out that he had a Punisher logo as his phone lock screen – a violent Marvel vigilante who has become something of a symbol for cops.

Many people have pointed out the irony of a police officer supporting the Marvel vigilante even although the officer appears to be doing nothing to stop the gunman in the school.

However, context matters and new information has come out that the officer in question is Ruben Ruiz and his wife, Eva Mireles, was sadly one of the victims in the shooting.

According to KBTX, Eva called her husband to tell him she had been shot by the gunman and was bleeding out in one of the classrooms.

See below:


The leaked footage shows what took place and how the police handled the situation. It shows law enforcement waiting for 77 minutes before taking action.

Two teachers and 19 children were devastatingly killed by the gunman.

Truly heartbreaking.

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