Veteran News Anchor Jim Gardner Says Goodbye by Telling the Truth about the Press


Philadelphia news anchor Jim Gardner left his viewers with some cold, hard truth on his final broadcast.

He told viewers that the Press is “not the enemy of the people” on Wednesday, his final broadcast after over 46 years on air.

Gardner spoke about the importance of acknowledging and understanding the perspectives of those with opposing viewpoints.

He argued that it is important for individuals to recognize that those who hold different beliefs are not necessarily the enemy, and that engaging in meaningful dialogue and understanding their perspectives can be crucial for finding common ground and moving forward.

He said:

“The American free press has been under attack, not by forces from other countries, but from elements embedded in our own society, and even our own government. It worries me deeply,”

Gardner begins by discussing the current political climate, which he describes as being “characterized by deep divisions and a lack of understanding and empathy for those on the other side.”

He points out that this lack of understanding often leads to demonization and vilification of those with opposing viewpoints, rather than an attempt to engage in meaningful dialogue and understanding.

Gardner then goes on to discuss the importance of acknowledging the humanity of those with opposing viewpoints, stating that “we are all human beings with the same fundamental needs and desires.”

Watch below:

“Serving the people, you the people of the tri-state area, with responsible and unbiased journalism. This is our mission now and in the future,” he continued. “And if we falter, you damn well better let us know, for your benefit and for ours.”

In order to move past this divisive climate, Gardner argues that it is crucial for individuals to engage in honest and respectful dialogue with those who hold different beliefs.

He stresses the importance of listening to and truly understanding the perspectives of others, rather than simply dismissing them out of hand.

Gardner concludes by urging viewers to make an effort to reach out and engage with those who hold different beliefs, stating that “we have more in common than we think.”

By acknowledging the humanity of others and engaging in respectful dialogue, we can begin to find common ground and work towards a more united and understanding society.

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