Watch Mariah Carey Thaw to Heat Up Holiday Season with You Know What


As the clock struck midnight, Mariah Carey seamlessly transitioned from Halloween’s remnants to the enchantment of the upcoming winter season.

The renowned pop diva, known for her spirited embrace of Christmas, unveiled a video where she emerges from an icy entrapment created by a Halloween Jack o’ Lantern. This transformation signified her swift shift from Halloween’s ghoulish charms to the joyous holiday festivities. (Watch the clip below.)

In her iconic high-pitched voice, Carey exclaims, “It’s time!” as the ice surrounding her shatters, symbolizing her emergence into the festive atmosphere. Accompanied by jubilant celebrants, she sways and dances to the tune of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” her perennial yuletide anthem that consistently fills the airwaves and brings her substantial financial rewards. This song, reaching No. 1 in 2019, reportedly earns her millions in royalties annually.

Often dubbed the “Queen of Christmas” due to her unrelenting association with the season, Carey has a significant reason for heralding the holiday spirit so early. This is in preparation for her upcoming Merry Christmas One And All! tour, commencing on November 15 in Highland, California. The 13-date journey will culminate in a grand finale at the iconic Madison Square Garden on December 17.

Carey’s proactive embrace of the holiday season and her renowned song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” have become synonymous with the festive period, solidifying her status as a figurehead of Christmas merriment. Her swift transition from Halloween to Christmas, encapsulated in the video, reflects not only her personal enthusiasm for the season but also the iconic role she plays in igniting the festive spirit for fans worldwide. Her tour, set to kick off in mid-November, promises to deliver the magic of Christmas through her music and performances, captivating audiences throughout the celebratory journey.

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