Why Chase Chrisley Says He’ll Never Get back Together with Ex Emmy Medders after Breakup

Chase Chrisley has spoken candidly about his recent breakup with Emmy Medders and why he believes there’s no chance of reconciliation.

Over a month after announcing the end of his engagement with Emmy, Chase, best known for his role on “Chrisley Knows Best,” opened up about the reasons behind their split during an appearance on his sister Savannah Chrisley’s Unlocked podcast, which aired on September 5th.

Chase, 27, didn’t hold back as he shared insights into the relationship’s ups and downs, acknowledging that it wasn’t all bad times. He explained, “Our entire relationship, it wasn’t all bad times. I’ve got a lot of s–t I’m dealing with, she’s got a lot of s–t she’s dealing with. She just chose to leave me while I was dealing with my s–t, but we mutually agreed to part ways.”

While the breakup was undoubtedly challenging, Chase revealed that he has moved on from Emmy since their split in July. He expressed gratitude for the way things turned out, saying, “It was rough there for a little while but I’m over it now. God hears conversations we don’t hear and sees things we don’t see. He moved her out of my life, and I’m grateful for that because it clearly was not meant to be.”

Chase acknowledged that he had made mistakes in their relationship but also noted that Emmy shared responsibility for the issues they faced. He mentioned that there were instances of “dirty s–t” that could have been handled differently, and the lack of respect in the relationship was evident.

Before their breakup this summer, the couple had previously faced challenges in their relationship. After getting engaged in October of the previous year, Emmy disclosed that they had experienced a “major breakup” at one point while dating. However, Chase indicated that their previous ability to work through issues would not apply this time, and he firmly ruled out any possibility of reconciliation.

When asked about the likelihood of getting back together with Emmy, Chase responded, “Not a chance in hell. That would never happen because I’ve seen too much. I’ve seen true colors.”

Despite the breakup, Chase expressed that he wishes Emmy nothing but the best for her future. He emphasized that he didn’t intend to criticize her but felt it was important to address the challenging aspects of their relationship.

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