Why did Elon Musk Change his Name to Harry Bolz?


Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and founder of Tesla and Space X, recently sent shockwaves through social media when he changed his name on Twitter to ‘Harry Bōlz’, leaving his 134 million followers baffled and speculating about the meaning behind the bizarre name change.

Some Twitter users speculated that Musk was hinting at his next major project or business venture, while others believed it was simply a playful prank to entertain his fans.

Many even speculated that ‘Harry Bōlz’ could be Musk’s alter ego, a character he was portraying for fun.

Interestingly, this name change came shortly after Musk had tweeted about the issue of impersonation, stating that it was wrong.

He then changed his name to Mr Bōlz, before changing it back and explaining that having an organizational affiliation on Twitter allowed him to change his name without losing verification, and it helped with reducing impersonation fraud.

Musk even joked that he hoped a media organization that takes itself too seriously would write a story about ‘Harry Bōlz’, a clear indication of his playful and mischievous side.

This is not the first time that Musk has made unconventional changes to his Twitter profile.

In the past, he removed the ‘w’ from Twitter to read ‘Titter’, and recently shared an image of the San Francisco headquarters of the company, which appeared to show the ‘w’ painted white.

Musk explained that his landlord at the SF HQ had informed him that they were legally required to keep the sign as Twitter and could not remove the ‘w’, so they had painted it in the background color to solve the problem.

Reports suggest that Musk has been fixated on this issue for some time, as he had set up a poll in April of the previous year asking his followers whether he should remove the letter ‘w’ from Twitter’s logo outside their San Francisco HQ.

This led to comparisons of Musk to the fictional character David Brent from the popular TV show The Office, known for his eccentric and attention-seeking behavior.

Musk’s unconventional antics on social media have become somewhat of a trademark for the tech mogul, who has a reputation for being unpredictable and unafraid to push boundaries.

He has often used Twitter as a platform for his announcements, opinions, and playful banter with followers and critics alike.

As with many things related to Musk, opinions about the name change were divided. Some found it humorous and entertaining, while others found it puzzling or even immature.

With over 134 million followers on Twitter, Musk’s every move on social media is closely watched and analyzed by his fans, critics, and the media alike.

Musk’s unpredictable and unconventional behavior on social media has become a trademark of his unique personality, and his recent name change is just the latest example of his playful and mischievous approach to online communication.

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