Why More Men are Starting to Wear Makeup


Men wearing makeup is not exactly new…

It can be traced back to ancient Egypt, all the way back to Tutankhamun’s time (estimated to be around 1341 BCE) where men would often use oils on their skin to protect it from the sun and black kohl to line their eyes.

See below:

Men in ancient Rome were also encourage to wear makeup – although not bright makeup as this was frowned upon, but they often would remove body hair, use light perfume and sometimes lighten their faces. During the times of Queen Elizabeth I, it was common for men to powder their faces.

In more modern times, old Hollywood introduced male makeup to the masses.

We are seeing an uprising in more and more men feeling comfortable wearing makeup in the modern age…

A more relaxed approach to self expression and possibly a more accepting and encouraging society could be part of the reason.

There is also a rise in marketing. More companies are manufacturing male cosmetics and products aimed at the male demographic.

War Paint is a makeup brand that encourages men to feel comfortable in buying and using makeup.

MMUK MAN is another brand that provides “discreet packaging” in order to make men feel more at ease.

Whether it’s a light amount to hide the signs of a long night or an all out rainbow glitter explosion of art, we say why not!

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