Wife Gifts her Husband the Instagram Photos of Other Women He liked for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the time when couples celebrate their love for each other, but for one woman, it was an opportunity to get back at her husband for his questionable social media behavior.

Instead of creating a thoughtful gift that her husband would cherish, she took a more malicious route.

She created a homemade photo display using styrofoam, tissue paper, and wooden sticks, featuring photos of women that her husband had liked on Instagram.


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It’s clear that this woman was not trying to spread love and happiness on Valentine’s Day, but rather to exact revenge on her husband.

Her crafty display was filled with various types of photos, from selfies to full-body shots, and even booty-focused pictures. It’s safe to say that this was not the gift that her husband was expecting, and it was met with mixed reactions online.

Some people found the woman’s actions hilarious, with one Twitter user commenting, “I’m sorry but this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Others were shocked by the pettiness of the gift, with one person stating, “I’d be so heartbroken if someone did this to me.”

However, this woman’s gift was not just an act of revenge, but also a reflection of a larger issue: the lack of privacy on social media.


I have a sense of humor with my man! I don’t know about y’all but I thought this was the perfect gift 🤣 He loved it 😘 #gorgeousgirls #fyp #joke

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It’s clear that her husband did not realize that his social media activity was visible to others, and his wife’s display was a stark reminder of that fact. As one Twitter user pointed out, “People forget that everyone can see what they do online.”

Overall, this woman’s Valentine’s Day gift may have been petty, but it also shed light on an important issue. In the digital age, it’s important to be mindful of what you post and like online, as it can have real-life consequences. As for this couple, it’s safe to say that their Valentine’s Day was not filled with love and romance, but rather with drama and pettiness.

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