Wife Swap’s ‘King Curtis’ is Now a 19-Year-Old Welder Who Loves Hunting


The internet famous ‘King Curtis’ from Wife Swap is now 19-years-old and works as a welder who loves hunting.

The lovable chicken nugget loving kid became internet famous from a 2009 episode of the popular reality show.

His catchphrase ‘bacon is good for me!’ has been uttered by the masses around the world.

Watch below:

King Curtis is no longer the lovable young boy we all came to love.

Now 19-years-old, his Instagram documents that he is all grown up and is now employed as a welder and in his spare time, likes to go hunting.

Watch below:

Fans of the show fell in love with the little kid when his new temporary mom Joy entered into his house and began getting rid of all the junk food.

This is King Curtis today:

How time flies!

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