Will Smith Responds To Chris Rock’s Brutal Jokes


According to reports, Will Smith is said to be experiencing feelings of embarrassment and hurt after Chris Rock’s recent stand-up special, in which Rock took aim at Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, as well as their publicly-aired marital troubles.

However, it appears that Will has not actually watched the special himself, but has had people relay the content to him.

It’s difficult for him to avoid it entirely, given the amount of coverage the special has received in the media and on social media.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s camp previously stated that she was not happy about the special and accused Rock of being obsessed with her for “decades,” even going so far as to suggest that Rock specifically chose to film the special in Baltimore because that’s Jada’s hometown.

However, little has been said about Will’s perspective on the matter, other than reports that he attempted to apologize to Rock in private but was unsuccessful in reaching him.

A source close to Will has now spoken to Entertainment Tonight, revealing that Will is hoping Rock will move on from the situation.

The source says that Will feels he has worked on himself and tried to make amends, but to no avail.

Furthermore, he reportedly believes that Netflix made a “disgraceful” move by airing the special. Will is said to be “embarrassed and hurt” by the jokes that Rock made about him and his family, and would like Rock to “let it go.”

It’s understandable that Will would feel embarrassed about the situation, given that Rock publicly suggested that Will’s frustration over being called a “b*tch” was what led him to come after Rock, after Jada had cuckolded him and interviewed him about the situation on TV.

It’s a complicated situation, and Rock waited nearly a year before publicly airing these jokes.

However, as a comic, he’s almost expected to do so. Unfortunately for Will, the platform that Rock used to deliver these jokes has kept the subject alive and in the public eye.

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