Woman Blocks Boss’ Number after Asking him Not to Contact her Out of Work Hours


A TikTok user named Vanessa recently gained online praise for blocking her boss’ number after he repeatedly contacted her on her personal phone.

Vanessa, who often shares financial and career advice on her TikTok account, explained that she pays for a separate work phone and personal phone but her boss still contacted her on her personal phone, even when she was taking a sick day.

In response, Vanessa decided to block her boss’ number.

Many TikTok users supported her decision, with one user commenting, “I don’t blame you, he’s not your friend and you’re not working.”

Another user suggested reporting the incident to HR, but Vanessa explained that the company is too small to have an HR department.

Some users questioned why Vanessa had to pay for her work phone, but she explained that it is common practice at her company for employees to use their personal phones for work purposes.

However, another user pointed out that it is actually illegal for bosses to contact their employees outside of work hours in Ontario, Canada, where Vanessa is based.

This incident highlights the issue of work-life balance and the need for clear boundaries between work and personal life.

While it may be necessary to occasionally work outside of regular hours, employees should not be expected to be available 24/7 or to use their personal resources for work purposes.

As Vanessa’s experience shows, it can be difficult to enforce boundaries with bosses who disregard them, but employees have the right to protect their personal time and privacy.

As Vanessa stated in her TikTok video, “I just blocked my boss so he couldn’t contact me while I wasn’t at work.”

Hopefully, more employers will recognize the importance of respecting their employees’ boundaries and allowing them to have a healthy work-life balance.

Perhaps, as Vanessa suggested, laws will be put in place to protect employees from being contacted outside of work hours.

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