Woman Calls Out Job Market ‘Scam’ After Applying for 76 Positions and Getting No Responses


    A woman on TikTok has called out the job market ‘scam’ after she applied for 76 different positions and heard nothing back from any of them.

    Kayley (Username @kayleyalissa on the app) was laid off back in May but claims she is ‘very good at her job’.

    She decided to go on social media to share her experience with what she calls a ‘scam’ a.k.a the US job market.

    The video, captioned “I need a job” has gained a lot of attention on the app. At the time of writing, the video has received 11.7k comments.

    In the video, Kayley explains:

    “Y’all, I have been off work for nine weeks. I was laid off in May. My company downsized and eliminated my position. I was completely blindsided by that.”

    “I took literally one week off to be sad about my life, and then I started putting in applications.

    “In these last eight weeks since I’ve been putting [in] applications, I’ve put in 76 applications. For local work, remote work, a lot of marketing, digital, social, where my strengths lie and where I know I’m very good at my job.”

    “76 applications and I have not had one interview. I’ve not had any interest whatsoever.

    “Y’all cannot tell me that companies are struggling – that they don’t have any workers – when you’re not hiring anyone. I don’t know what to do at this point.

    “I have the most beautiful, elaborate resume, I have a really detailed resume, I have a beautiful cover letter and it’s all a scam.”

    Watch below:


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    Many related to the user, commenting:

     “No but for real tho it took me five months to find a job.”

    “This frustrated me as well, when I was looking for a new job, I applied to at least 30 jobs, not one callback, email, or interview.”

    What is happening with the world…

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