Woman Claiming to be Madeleine McCann Finally Receives DNA Results


After months of speculation and attention from people around the world, Julia Wendell, who had claimed to be the long-lost Madeleine McCann, has finally received the results of her DNA test, revealing her full heritage.

The story of Julia Wendell, also known by the names Julia Faustyna and Julia Wandelt, had captivated the public’s attention after she made the bold claim on social media that she was McCann, the three-year-old British girl who went missing from Portugal in 2007.

Recently, she appeared on an episode of the popular talk show Dr Phil, where she confirmed that she was waiting for the results of a DNA test to find out her true identity.

While Julia had sworn to Dr Phil that she was the long-lost missing child, her biological parents, who are from Poland, had denied that she was kidnapped, insisting that she was their biological child.

McCann, who would be 19 years old now, was abducted in 2007 while on vacation with her family in Portugal and is presumed dead.

After months of anticipation, the medical records finally arrived, and Julia’s representative and psychic medium, Dr. Fia Johansson, confirmed to Radar Online that Julia is “absolutely 100 percent from Poland.”

Although Julia is a small percentage of Lithuanian and Russian, the test results show that she is Polish, proving that she is not Madeleine McCann.

Dr. Fia further added that they had received almost 500 pages of Julia’s medical records, which revealed that she had suffered a skull fracture at just eight years old, resulting in her being in a ‘near-comatose’ state in hospital.

Following the injury, she was unable to speak or walk for over a year. Additionally, Julia had previously claimed to have been subject to sexual assault as a child, with Dr. Fia alleging that she was forced to take ’35 pills from the age of seven.’

Dr. Fia believes that the man who allegedly sexually abused Julia is linked to the McCann case, saying: “Julia had all the birthmarks as Madeleine McCann, which I believe is God and the universe’s way of wanting us to get close to the man who sexually abused her, expose him, and his possible ties to the McCann case.”

However, the DNA test results have confirmed that Julia is not Madeleine McCann, and that her biological parents are likely her real parents.

Dr. Fia also confirmed that they are still investigating Julia’s father’s side of the family.

In conclusion, while the world had hoped that this would be a happy ending to the McCann case, the DNA results have conclusively proven that Julia is not Madeleine. The focus now should be on finding the truth about what happened to the real Madeleine McCann, and bringing closure to her family.

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