Woman Claiming to be Madeleine McCann Set to Expose Evidence on Dr Phil Show


Julia Wendell, a 21-year-old woman from Poland, claims to be Madeleine McCann, the British girl who went missing from Portugal in 2007 at the age of three.

Wendell has garnered global attention for her claim and is set to appear on the American chat show, Dr. Phil, to present her evidence to millions of viewers.

Dr. Phil highlighted one of Wendell’s pieces of evidence in a promotional clip for the show, which is the notable eye defect that Madeleine was known to have.

Wendell also confirmed in the clip that she is waiting for the results of a DNA test to determine her true identity.

She stated that she conducted a ‘simple records check’ to discover more information about her past, which will be revealed on the show.

“In an exclusive interview, Wendell reveals what else she discovered that made her believe she is the girl who vanished in 2007 at 3 years old,” reads a description on the Dr. Phil website.

However, Wendell’s parents in Poland maintain that she is their biological child and deny that she was kidnapped.

Dr. Fia Johansson, a doctor of psychology and human behavior who has been working with Wendell, expressed her pride that Wendell had ‘a platform to courageously speak up.’ Johansson claimed that the Dr. Phil interview would also shed light on Wendell’s ‘violent and abusive past’ while ‘hopefully bringing her closer to justice.’

Wendell has stated that she is unable to recall much of her childhood after experiencing the trauma of sexual abuse. The doctor confirmed that they plan to announce the results of the DNA test as soon as they come in.

“When the DNA test comes, which I am really badly waiting for and checking every day the status of it, we will match with a DNA test of (Madeleine) McCann. (She could also match) anyone else out there looking for their kid that may (be) missing at that time,” Johansson added.

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann remains unsolved, and Wendell’s claim has sparked international interest. However, some are skeptical of her story, and her appearance on Dr. Phil has raised questions about the veracity of her claim. Some wonder if her story is a cruel hoax or if she genuinely believes she is Madeleine McCann.

In any case, the Dr. Phil interview will offer viewers the chance to hear Wendell’s side of the story and to evaluate the evidence she presents. The world waits for the results of the DNA test, which could provide some answers to the mystery of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

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