Woman Flies to Turkey Instead of Paying Over $3,000 for a Root Canal in U.S.


A woman flew to Turkey for her dental care instead of paying over $3,000 for a root canal treatment in a viral TikTok video.

The cost of American healthcare has skyrocketed in 2022, with financial experts predicting it will only continue to increase over time.

Some Americans are now choosing to travel abroad to receive their medical treatment, instead of paying for it on home turf.

Delia O’Malley, a TikTok user who goes by the handle @asdeliadoes, was going to be charged an eye watering $3,099 for a root canal treatment in the United States, with insurance….

So, she decided to look at her options. O’Malley did her research into reputable dentists in Turkey and the cost of flights and accommodation.

She ended up paying way less than she would have to receive the procedure on home soil AND she got a vacation out of it too.

O’Malley spent $807 on her flights, $200 for the seven day all-inclusive hotel and around $160 for her dental treatment, totaling at $1,167 – saving herself around  $1,932.

Watch the TikTok below:


My dentist wanted $3099 for a root canal so I booked a week in Turkey to get it done here! Came to less than $1200. So I get a root canal and a holiday now 😂🇹🇷❤️ #turkey #lastminutetrip #manifestation #dental #kusidasi #graitude

♬ original sound – Delia O’Malley

Fair play 👏🏼

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