Woman Says Boyfriend Pays for Everything Because She’s ‘an Investment’


A woman from London has shared that her boyfriend describes her as an ‘investment’ and so he pays for everything.

Yes, everything…bills, rent, holidays, you name it.

Hannah Chan revealed on her social media that after many failed relationships, she wanted someone who could provide for her and her life.

The 27-year-old, who is career driven herself, decided that she needed a partner that would ‘dominate’ and ‘provide’.

Hannah met 22-year-old Ed Reay in July 2021 and things went well. So well that Ed decide to move from his home in Vancouver to London to live with Hannah.

Hannah shared:

 “I started to realise that in a relationship I didn’t want to be the dominant one and I wanted someone who could provide for me.

“Before I had always viewed my business success and money I earnt as my value in dating, but I realised I didn’t want that.”

“After meeting Ed, he told me he wanted to provide for me.

“We have a 100/100 relationship – he provides financially, and I give him 100 percent when it comes to support and love and little things like bringing him a smoothie after a stressful day.

“There is no right and wrong in dating, the most important thing is that your values align between you and your partner for what you want in a relationship.”

Watch the video below:


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Hey, if that’s what makes them both happy i guess…?

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