Woman Says She’s Ageing Backwards: ‘People Think I’m In My 20s’


    At 63 years old, Gym Tan, a mother from California, has captured the hearts of thousands on TikTok with her youthful appearance and go-getter attitude. With a philosophy that she’s aging like fine wine, Gym Tan is living proof that age is just a number.

    In a recent video, she confidently asserted, “I actually think I look younger this year than I did last year.” So, what is the secret to her Benjamin Button-esque aging process? According to Gym, it’s all about maintaining a positive outlook on life and refusing to let age define her. Dressed elegantly in a black dress adorned with color-coordinated yellow, black, and white jewelry, she imparts her wisdom to her fans: “Age is just a number. I have said it before, but more than that, just focus on what makes you happy. Focus on what makes you feel good.”

    She urged to her followers not to fear age and that it 'is just a number', telling them that the best is yet to come. She stated that she is fitter in her 60s than she ever was during her 20s

    For Gym, the key to staying youthful is surrounding herself with people who appreciate and love her, individuals who can also impart valuable life lessons. With a TikTok following of around 247,000, she has consistently expressed her belief that the best is yet to come as she embraces her 60s.

    At the age of 61, Gym posted a video that left viewers in awe. She was joyfully running along a street, wearing a Cheshire cat grin from ear to ear. In the video, she revealed that she was in “the fittest and best shape” of her life, inspiringly adding, “I’m running further and stronger than in my 20s.” She encouraged her fans not to fear aging but to embrace it, emphasizing that life “really can and does get better.”


    ON OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF AGING. The video says it all. Thank you Taylor Tupy for this capture. It was such an honor and pleasure shooting with you 🤍🖤

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    Her positive message resonated deeply with her viewers. One fan expressed, “Love this message! Getting older is a privilege that many do not have.” Another chimed in, “This is amazing. Our bodies don’t deteriorate because of age; it’s because we discontinue our younger habits. Killin’ it!” The flood of compliments continued, with praise for her grace and elegance even while running.

    Gym’s enthusiasm for fitness also inspired others. One person shared, “I am 42, and I think of you every time I run.” Another commenter couldn’t contain their happiness, exclaiming, “I can’t tell you how happy I am to have tumbled on your page! I need to show my mom ASAP in hopes it’ll encourage her and lift her spirits!”

    Many were quick to hit the follow button, with one eager new follower writing, “Just found your page, immediate follow. I love your attitude and energy!” Gym’s journey has shown that, despite her earlier worries, aging is nothing to be afraid of.

    Gym Tan, 63 (pictured) told her followers that she only gets more youthful with every year that passes because she avoids mulling over her age and has a positive outlook on life

    She admitted that as she navigated her fifties, she shared common concerns about reaching an “expiration date” where she would “become almost invisible.” The looming thought of turning 55 and later, 60, weighed on her mind. However, as she turned 60 and then 61, she came to a powerful realization: there’s nothing to fear about aging.

    Gym Tan’s story is a testament to the fact that age is just a number, and maintaining a positive outlook on life can lead to a vibrant, youthful spirit. As she continues to inspire and uplift others, she embodies the idea that life truly can get better with age.

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