Woman Slammed for ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘Disrespectful’ Funeral Dress


A woman has faced severe criticism online for promoting a revealing black halter-neck mini-dress as a suitable outfit to wear at a funeral.

The woman, who is the owner of the British fashion brand EdgyLittlePieces, posted a video on TikTok showcasing the dress with large cut-outs revealing her cleavage and entire torso.

She suggested that the outfit was “perfect” for the occasion and that the dress was available for pre-order.

The video has gained more than 60,000 views, and many viewers found the dress to be “inappropriate” and “disrespectful” for a funeral.


#stitch with @edgylittlepieces modest for the funeral.

♬ original sound – Pearl

Several social media users commented on the video, expressing their disbelief at the woman’s choice of attire for a funeral.

Some questioned whether she had any respect for the deceased or the family members of the deceased.

One viewer commented that the dress was “disrespectful” and not appropriate for such a somber occasion.

Another viewer said, “There’s no way someone would wear that to a funeral.” A third viewer called the dress “inappropriate” for a funeral. A fourth viewer stated, “If I put this on for a funeral, I think I would get disowned.”

Despite the backlash, the woman defended her choice of dress for a funeral. In a follow-up video, she argued that the dress was “super modest” and that it had received positive feedback from customers who had worn it to funerals. She stated that the dress was “super covered up” and did not show any cleavage, suggesting that it was a suitable choice for a funeral.

Despite her attempts to defend the dress, many viewers continued to express their disapproval.

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