Woman who Slept with Over 300 People in One Year Reveals She has a New Dating Challenge


Annie Knight, an O*lyFans content creator who garnered attention after revealing she had been with 300 partners in one year, has now embarked on a new venture in the dating world after losing her job over her X-rated content.

The 26-year-old, dubbed ‘Australia’s most s*xually active woman’, saw a significant increase in her OnlyFans engagement and earnings, raking in over $100,000 on the platform after her startling disclosure. However, this revelation hasn’t slowed down her endeavors, as she’s now turning her focus towards a new challenge – this time within the realm of dating.

Annie’s professional troubles ensued when her employers discovered her explicit content, leading to her job termination. She conveyed to SBS’ Insight about her dismissal, stating she was accused of having an undisclosed side business and sharing adult content that contradicted company policies.

Now, she’s diving into the dating scene with a fresh approach, despite her minimal dating history.

Revealing her unfamiliarity with the dating landscape, Annie disclosed her previous sparse dating life, averaging around ‘three dates a year’. This lack of experience prompted her to set a unique challenge for herself, aiming to go on 52 dates within 52 weeks. She’s holding herself accountable by sharing online reviews of her dating experiences.

Her journey, documented on her TikTok series titled ’52 dates in 52 weeks’, hasn’t been without hiccups. Annie encountered challenges, including being ‘catfished’ by some men whose real-life appearances didn’t match their online profiles.

“Some of the men appeared different from their pictures and lied about their height. I left right away when some were disrespectful to waiters, which is a big turn-off for me,” she explained, emphasizing her pickiness in the dating scene. Despite initial setbacks, Annie acknowledged having continued second and third dates with five guys.


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Open about her line of work, Annie ensures that potential dates are informed in advance about her profession. She embeds her work details in her dating profile, leaving no room for misunderstandings or reservations. Annie expressed, “I am transparent about my profession, and I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. It’s included in my dating profile.”

Annie candidly shared that while her potential suitors don’t directly acknowledge her O*lyFans account, she suspects some of them might have discovered her online presence.

In her latest TikTok update, Annie revealed she took a week off from her dating journey due to exhaustion but is presently embarking on her ninth date.

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