Woman who’s Seen 1,000 Horror Movies Shared Ones that Genuinely Scared Her


A courageous woman who has sat through more than a thousand horror movies has shared her top picks that truly sent shivers down her spine.

TikTok user @madyplaysgames is a seasoned horror movie buff who is here to offer her expertise to anyone looking to scare themselves silly in the near future.

Beginning her list of spine-tingling horror flicks with the 1998 Japanese classic Ringu, which inspired The Ring, Mady asserts that if you enjoyed The Ring, you should certainly give Ringu a try.

She further recommends the Spanish supernatural horror movie The Orphanage from 2007, which she claims scared her to the point of excretion – quite the compliment!

Mady goes on to suggest Hell House LCC, a found-footage film from 2015 that she believes is highly underrated. Another foreign movie on her list is REC, a Spanish film that is superior to the American adaptation Quarantine, in Mady’s opinion. She then picks another found-footage film, the well-known Blair Witch Project, which she insists is the scariest movie she has ever seen.

“I grew up when people were made to feel like this was a real documentary, and it sticks with you,” explains Mady.

In her second video, Mady recommends the 2008 film The Strangers, which she says scared her to her very core. She then suggests Midnight Meat Train, starring former footballer Vinnie Jones, which she believes is a hidden gem that most people haven’t discovered yet.

Mady’s next pick is the super creepy zombie movie 28 Days Later. She follows it up with the 2013 movie A Tale of Two Sisters, which she assures will give you that heavy feeling in your chest. To wrap up her list, she includes the iconic 1978 horror movie The Exorcist, which is a classic for a reason.



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