Women who Lived at Playboy Mansion Since Age 11 Says it Was a ‘Weird f***ed up Place’


A woman who lived at the Playboy Mansion in her childhood and grew up there has claimed it was a “weird f***ed up place”.

A Chanel 4 documentary has shared details and interviews of those effected by Hugh Hefner and what life was like for those who lived in his mansion.

Secrets of Playboy features comments from Jennifer Saginor, now 51 but she was just 11 when she moved into the mansion with her father, Mark Saginor – who worked as Hefner’s former doctor aka ‘Dr Feelgood’. She grew up in the house with her sister.

Jennifer shared:

“It’s taken me a long time to unravel what I experienced growing up and how I feel.”

“I didn’t want to break that loyalty because I knew there would be serious consequences.”

“It was such a weird f*cked up place. “

“Hef would kiss with his mouth open in sort of a French kiss sort of way. I always thought it was strange that someone who was like my uncle would kiss like that – but my father told me that’s what people do when they love each other.”

“At a young age he’d go over our bodies with us – my sister and I,”

“That was nerve-wracking because I don’t think either of us thought we measured up to what we thought was acceptable. I got my own surgery at 15. It’s just awful.”

Saginor goes on to detail that women were seen as commodities to Hefner and that she would often see women ‘naked with men all around them’. She ‘never’ wanted to be like them.

Watch the trailer below:

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