‘World’s Sexiest Athlete’ Alica Schmidt’s Olympic Debut Takes Devastating Turn


Track and field star Alica Schmidt, who is ofter referred to as “the World’s Sexiest Athlete,” could never have imagined how her first Olympics would have ended.

The 22-year-old German unfortunately didn’t even get the chance to compete for a medal in the 4×400 mixed relay on Saturday.

Before the baton was passed to the debutant, the German team was disqualified because one of her teammates made contact with the Jamaican team.

A heartbreaking end to the tournament for Schmidt.

She recently opened up about just how much work goes in to preparing for the Olympics.

About 30 percent of my training is focused on strength. For the most part, explosive and functional full-body exercises are on my schedule. It’s super effective.

Strengthening and activating the leg muscles, the classic way with squats and lunges

There are then seven to eight training sessions a week that last between two and three hours.

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