Young Mother Quits ‘American Idol’ following Katy Perry’s ‘Embarrassing’ and ‘Hurtful’ ‘Mom-Shaming’ Remark


Sara Beth, a young mother of three, left American Idol’s season 21 after judge Katy Perry made a ‘mom-shaming’ comment that Sara described as ’embarrassing’ and ‘hurtful.’

After her audition, the judges sensed that Sara did not have a strong desire to win, and singing might not be her true passion.

Earlier in the season, when the judges first met Sara Beth, they were shocked at the fact she was a 25-year-old, due to her young appearance. The celebs couldn’t believe that she had three children.

Katy Perry mock-fainted with shock that the singer was 25 abd Sara Beth responded “If Katy lays on the table, I think I’m going to pass out!”.

The ‘I Kissed a Girl’ singer quickly responded, “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much!”.

Viewers were quick to blast the singer for “slut-shaming” and “mom-shaming” the budding singer…

Sara Beth has since responded to these comments on TikTok:


Well. I didnt think id be making this video, but i just wanted to say a couple things since im being flooded with articles and comments/messages about this.

♬ original sound – Sara Beth

When Sara Beth returned to Hollywood Week, she delivered an ‘infectiously lovely’ rendition of the song ‘Roxanne’ by the Police.

Despite Katy passionately pleading with her to stay, Sara Beth decided to leave the competition because her heart was at home, and she needed to be with her babies.

In the backstage, she told a producer, “I feel like I’m not gonna win the show anyway, so I might as well go home.”

The judges, particularly Katy, urged Sara Beth to reconsider, but her decision remained firm.

It is a shame that Sara Beth took herself out of the competition, while many other contestants who didn’t have a choice had to leave.

The judges had planned to put Sara through to the second round based on her performance.

Sara Beth’s decision to quit the show came from a place of guilt and a deep love for her children.

She had been a mom since she was 18 years old, and a wife since the same age. She had not been away from her kids for an extended period, and the separation was harder than she had anticipated.

When Sara auditioned for the show, she had been pursuing music semi-seriously for only six months, with limited experience.

She had never envisioned herself in show business, admitting that she didn’t even know what it entailed.

During her time on the show, Sara Beth appreciated the encouragement from the judges, particularly Katy’s words.

However, even after the judges revealed that they had planned to put her through to the next round, she maintained that her heart was with her children and that she needed to go home to them. Sara said that she would probably regret the decision to leave once she got home.

Sara Beth’s situation was unique, and it is understandable that she chose to leave the competition.

Many mothers have to make similar decisions, balancing their careers and their children’s needs. While the judges tried to convince Sara Beth to stay, they could not change her decision. It was a loss for the show, as Sara Beth had shown promise and had the talent to go further.

During the first round of Hollywood Week, several contestants were eliminated, including Lyric Medeiros, McKayla Stacey, Ashley Tankard, Kameron Lawson, Ophrah Kablam, Danny Epp, Owen Eckhardt, and Keelin.

All these singers had shown promise, and some had heartbreaking stories. Any of them would have been thrilled to have Katy begging them not to leave and to continue in the competition.

In conclusion, Sara Beth’s decision to leave American Idol was a personal one, and it is understandable that she put her children’s needs first. While the judges tried to persuade her to stay, they respected her decision. The first round of Hollywood Week saw several contestants leaving the competition, and it was a loss for the show. All the contestants had shown promise, and it would have been exciting to see them progress.

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