YouTuber ‘Set to Make $64k a Month’ from Videos Dragging Amber Heard


A YouTuber is ‘set to make $64k a month’ from creating videos dragging Amber Heard.

The popular creator, Matthew Lewis, also known as That Umbrella Guy online, is best recognised for their no-nonsense and candid approach to celebrity gossip. See below:

Some of their video titles include ‘Jury wrecks Amber Heard’, ‘Amber Heard wrecks herself?’ and ‘Amber Heard fails worldwide’. These videos have attracted around 96 million views in total.

Newsweek, reporting on their salary, said they “clarified that the current estimated figure is up to $64,600 a month.”

Lewis responded to this article, writing:

“LOL, I could probably buy Amber Heard and her simps a dozen times over these days. And I wouldn’t have to “pledge” to do it.”

See below:

Lewis has been critiqued by Christopher Bouzy, the CEO of Bot Sentinel, who said:

“This is Matthew. Matthew earns approximately $1 million a year producing low-budget YouTube videos about Amber Heard. Imagine earning $80k a month publishing low-budget ramblef***ery. He has a financial incentive to keep the Depp v. Heard drama going as long as possible…”


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