’10ft Tall Aliens’ Spotted in Bizarre Footage by Hikers Passing by

A video captured by hikers in Brazil has ignited a flurry of speculation on social media, with viewers suggesting the footage shows a pair of 10ft tall aliens. The clip depicts mysterious figures standing atop a hill, their arms moving peculiarly.

The caption accompanying the video, translated, states: “Guys, these are the original videos we made, in the second video of him going down the mountain you can already notice that he really looks like a normal person but taller than the majority.” The footage has since gone viral, with netizens debating the nature of these figures.

One viewer remarked, “It’s a really strange figure. It has strange arm movements. I believe it. We are not the only inhabitants of this universe.” Another, scrutinizing the video, commented, “Looking closely at the images, it’s a real person. It looks like this person had binoculars or a camera. It’s a T-shirt tied around his head.”


You’d think in an age where everyone has HD cameras in their pockets we could get some good footage but nope! #aliens #ufo #brazil #conspiracy #fyp

? original sound – RCAM.TV

Skepticism was also voiced, with a third person writing, “How come all these aliens are p**s poor resolution? So we can’t see the sticks holding them up?” Another humorously added, “If I saw an alien I would simply zoom the camera in and take a high resolution picture of it.”

The footage even caught the attention of six-foot-seven-inch footballer Peter Crouch, who humorously tweeted, “We were on a family holiday pls respect our privacy at this time.”

The government of Paraná State, where the sighting reportedly occurred, also responded humorously. A spokesperson said, “Our summer is from another world. Even strange beings come here to enjoy our coastline.”

This incident follows a recent conspiracy theory about aliens in Miami. Videos on social media showed people fleeing Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami on New Year’s Day amid police presence. The police stated they were responding to a brawl involving over 50 juveniles at the mall. Despite this, rumors circulated online about an alien invasion, with one claim mentioning ’10ft Aliens/Creatures’ supposedly seen at the Miami Mall.

The Brazilian sighting has led to jokes about the aliens possibly visiting Brazil after their alleged Miami escapade.