29-Year-Old Mother with 22-Year-Old Daughter Hits Back Following Criticism

29-Year-Old Mother with 22-Year-Old Daughter Hits Back Following Criticism

Savana Chapin, 29, and her step-daughter Tizzi, only seven years her junior, have become a social media sensation due to their striking resemblance and shared TikTok dance videos. Their close age gap often leads to them being mistaken for sisters, despite not being related by blood. Savana is married to Tizzi’s father, Chris Chapin, a 45-year-old salon owner, and the couple shares a 16-year age difference.

Their story began when Savana applied for a hairstylist position at Chris’s salon, leading to a swift connection and eventual marriage. Together, they have three children, in addition to Chris’s children from a previous marriage, including Tizzi, Tayge, and Trinity.

Credit: TikTok/@ sav_chapin

Tizzi initially struggled with the age gap between her step-mother and father, as Savana recalled, “Tizzi was initially very thrown off. I know that if I was Tizzi’s age and my daddy came home with a girl that was closer in age to me than my dad, I probably would have whooped her a**.”

Despite facing criticism on TikTok, with some labeling their relationship as ‘creepy’ and accusing Chris of wanting a ‘clone’ of his daughter, Savana remains unfazed. She acknowledges the tension with Tizzi’s biological mother, admitting, “We leave each other alone for the most part. I don’t think she’s my biggest fan.”

Savana and Tizzi have since developed a strong bond, with Savana stating, “Now we’re best friends and she’s my little right-hand man.” They’ve even leveraged their online popularity to launch a clothing line. Savana proudly wears a forest green sweatshirt with ‘step mama’ emblazoned on the front, featuring motivational quotes on the sleeves to inspire other step-mothers.

Despite the backlash, Savana and Tizzi are determined not to let negativity hinder their online presence or their unique relationship.