According to Rebel Wilson, Her ‘Career Highlight’ Was Channing Tatum Touching Her Boobs

According to Rebel Wilson, Her ‘Career Highlight’ Was Channing Tatum Touching Her Boobs

In the realm of career milestones, Rebel Wilson has an unusual one to share. In her new memoir, “Rebel Rising,” Wilson recounts a moment during a 2013 MTV Movie Awards promo sketch that she considers a “career highlight”—a scripted scene where Channing Tatum, her co-star in the sketch, ends up touching her boobs. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not every day you get to script a moment like that, especially with Channing Tatum involved!

The sketch in question features Wilson and Tatum in a high-octane chase scene. With Tatum at the wheel and Wilson armed with a rocket launcher, she climbs over him for a better shot at their pursuers, leading to the “incidental” contact. But here’s the kicker: Wilson wrote that moment into the script herself. Talk about taking creative control!

Wilson, known for her humor and candidness, doesn’t shy away from sharing this anecdote, even noting in her memoir that she pointed it out to Tatum just before executing the scene. The photo capturing this moment doesn’t hang in her actual home, though. It’s stored in her “office house” in West Hollywood, a separate dwelling where she keeps her movie memorabilia. Wilson humorously assures us she’s not that vain to display such things in her “real house.”

But Wilson’s memoir isn’t just about lighthearted tales of on-set antics. She also delves into more serious topics, like her criticisms of Sacha Baron Cohen’s behavior while they worked together on the 2016 film “The Brothers Grimsby.” Wilson hints at Baron Cohen’s less-than-stellar actions during their collaboration, which prompted him to hire a crisis PR manager and legal team in anticipation of the memoir’s release.

Through her Instagram, Wilson has expressed gratitude for the support she’s received since sharing her experiences and remains undeterred by any pushback from Baron Cohen. It’s a testament to Wilson’s resilience and determination to speak her truth, regardless of the pushback.

So, if you’re looking for a memoir that mixes Hollywood hijinks with heartfelt honesty, Rebel Wilson’s “Rebel Rising” might just be your next read. Who knows what other revelations and behind-the-scenes stories await in its pages? One thing is for sure: Wilson’s journey, from scripting cheeky moments with Channing Tatum to standing up against industry heavyweights, is anything but ordinary.