Airline Will Now Weigh People As Well As Their Luggage Before Boarding Flights

Airline Will Now Weigh People As Well As Their Luggage Before Boarding Flights
In a decision bound to spark debate, Finnair has introduced a new policy of weighing passengers prior to boarding, adding another layer to the already nerve-wracking airport experience. This initiative, which involves passengers and their carry-on luggage being weighed, aims to provide the airline with more accurate data on the aircraft’s total weight before departure.

The Finnish airline commenced this procedure at Helsinki Airport starting from Monday, February 5, inviting passengers to volunteer for weigh-ins as they prepare to fly between February and April-May of this year. Kaisa Tikkanen, a spokesperson for Finnair, highlighted the enthusiastic participation thus far, noting, “So far, more than 500 volunteer customers have participated in the weigh-ins.”

Finnair’s approach seeks to refine the accuracy of the aircraft’s total weight calculations, which include various factors such as fuel, checked baggage, cargo, onboard catering, water tanks, and the passengers themselves. The airline emphasizes that this measure is intended to enhance the safety of flights.

To ensure privacy and confidentiality, Finnair assures that the weight data collected will not be associated with any personal information of the passengers. “Only the customer service agent working at the measuring point can see the total weight, so you can participate in the study with peace of mind,” assured Satu Munnukka, head of ground processes at Finnair.

The airline also considers factors such as the class of travel, gender, and age of passengers before they step onto the scales. Päivyt Tallqvist, Finnair’s communications director, explained to The Huffington Post the rationale behind the initiative, particularly highlighting the tendency for passengers to wear heavier clothing during Finland’s cold winter months. “This is part of having a very strong safety culture in our organization,” Tallqvist stated, emphasizing the importance of accurate weight data for ensuring optimal aircraft performance.

Finnair’s move follows a similar initiative by Korean Air last year, indicating a growing trend among airlines to seek more precise weight estimates to bolster flight safety. When passengers understand the safety implications, they are generally more receptive to participating in the weigh-in process.