Allegations of Diddy’s Abuse and Misconduct Go Back Decades

Allegations of Diddy’s Abuse and Misconduct Go Back Decades

Diddy has been described as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character over the years, either being super nice or allegedly violent and vicious, according to a new bombshell report. Rolling Stone recently published an extensive article about the embattled rap mogul, detailing his life story and rise to fame starting in the ’90s, now coinciding with his current federal criminal investigation, which could land Diddy behind bars for a long time.

During their six-month investigation, RS reporters reached out to over 300 people in Diddy’s world and interviewed more than 50 former friends, acquaintances, employees, artists, and industry insiders. Many refused to talk, but those who did had quite a bit to say. Several sources, including close associates from Diddy’s Bad Boy days, claimed he has a dark side and could be a menacing figure, desperately seeking acceptance and admiration while demanding public displays of devotion and lavish donations.


The Rolling Stone piece details several instances of alleged outright violence or fits of rage, tracing back to his days as a Howard University student. One anecdote describes Diddy pummeling a record label executive who started dating his ex, the late Kim Porter, whom he’s also accused of abusing. Other women Diddy has dated, including Jennifer Lopez, are mentioned, with reports of Bad Boy staffers trying to convey messages to her on his behalf after their split.

The report also claims Diddy made sexual advances toward female employees and associates, with one woman alleging he solicited her for sex through her boss. In another instance, he’s accused of attacking a woman at Bad Boy’s offices, requiring employees to intervene.

Furthermore, the article suggests Diddy was jealous of Tupac’s relationship with Biggie Smalls and wanted the spotlight after Biggie’s death. Despite these allegations, the article also touches on positive aspects of Diddy, suggesting he runs really hot or really cold.

Amid these accusations, a grand jury has been convened, and witnesses are being contacted to potentially testify ahead of a possible indictment. Diddy has denied most of the allegations against him. Despite his mounting legal challenges, the impact of these revelations on his legacy remains to be seen.