Amber Heard Goes By Different Name After Moving Continents

Amber Heard Goes By Different Name After Moving Continents

Amber Heard, the actress known for her role in Aquaman and her tumultuous legal battles with ex-husband Johnny Depp, has embarked on a new chapter of her life in Spain. Following the high-profile court cases and intense media scrutiny that surrounded her, Heard has chosen to start afresh in Europe, relocating with her young daughter, Oonagh Paige.

In an effort to embrace a quieter life away from the relentless public eye, Heard has reportedly adopted a new name since her move. Initially, it was revealed that she had been living under the pseudonym Martha Jane Cannary, a nod to the legendary Old West sharpshooter Calamity Jane. This choice of alias sparked interest, particularly because of Johnny Depp’s own connections to Native American heritage, as he has claimed ancestral ties to the Cherokee tribe through his great-great-grandmother.


Currently residing in Madrid, Heard is focusing on raising her daughter and enjoying a more private life. According to sources close to her, she is committed to spending quality time with Oonagh Paige, taking her on daily walks, visiting parks, and engaging in family activities. Despite her past in Hollywood, Heard seems dedicated to maintaining a low profile and providing a stable and nurturing environment for her child.

Heard’s move to Spain follows a series of legal and personal challenges. After her highly publicized divorce from Depp in 2016, the former couple’s disputes escalated into a dramatic defamation trial. Depp sued Heard over an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, where she discussed her experiences with domestic violence without directly naming him. This led to a counter-suit from Heard, who accused Depp of orchestrating a smear campaign against her.

The courtroom battles, which were broadcast worldwide, concluded with a mixed verdict. While the jury found in favor of Depp on several counts, they also sided with Heard on one of her counter-claims, acknowledging that she had been defamed by Depp’s legal team. In the wake of the trial’s conclusion, Heard sought a new beginning far from the media frenzy that had engulfed her life.

Interestingly, Heard has demonstrated a strong command of Spanish, which has likely helped her integrate into her new community in Spain. In a recent video, she surprised many fans by giving her first Spanish-language interview, expressing her affection for her new home and her plans to remain there.

Heard’s decision to step away from Hollywood and reinvent herself in Spain reflects her desire for a quieter, more personal existence after years of public turmoil. As she continues to build her life in Madrid, the actress remains focused on her role as a mother, hoping to leave behind the controversies of the past and embrace the future with her daughter.