Bam Margera Marries Fiancée Dannii Marie in Intimate Ceremony

Bam Margera Marries Fiancée Dannii Marie in Intimate Ceremony

Bam Margera has tied the knot once again, this time with his fiancée Dannii Marie. The former “Jackass” star exchanged vows with Dannii on Tuesday in Socorro County, New Mexico, where they are currently filming a movie called “Collecting Souls,” in which Dannii is the lead. The ceremony took place at the Val Verde Historic Hotel with many of the film’s cast and crew in attendance.

Despite the absence of close friends and family, the wedding was a heartfelt affair. Footage obtained by TMZ shows Bam and Dannii deeply focused on each other as they said their vows. Bam became emotional as he credited Dannii for helping him quit drinking and return to skateboarding. The entire event was captured on camera, hinting at a possible future release of the footage.


Bam’s marriage to Dannii follows a tumultuous period, including a custody battle with his ex, Nikki Boyd, with whom he shares a child. Bam previously had a wedding ceremony with Nikki in Iceland, but he maintains it was not legally binding since it didn’t occur in the U.S. and lacked official documentation. Nikki only filed for legal separation, not divorce, allowing Bam to proceed with his new marriage.

Bam and Dannii got engaged in October after dating for six months. Dannii has played a crucial role in Bam’s journey to sobriety. Despite some challenges, the couple has remained committed to each other and are now looking forward to their future together. The couple’s relationship has been marked by Dannii’s unwavering support, which has been instrumental in Bam’s personal growth and recovery. They are excited to start this new chapter of their lives together and continue to support each other through life’s ups and downs.

Bam’s new marriage has sparked a mixture of reactions from fans and the public. Some have expressed happiness for the couple, admiring Bam’s progress and the positive influence Dannii has had on his life. Others remain skeptical due to Bam’s past struggles and the speed of the relationship’s progression. Nevertheless, Bam and Dannii appear determined to build a strong and loving future together, hoping their story will inspire others facing similar challenges. Congratulations to the newlyweds!