Barista Takes Hammer To Customers Windshield After He Threw Coffee In Her Face

Barista Takes Hammer To Customers Windshield After He Threw Coffee In Her Face
Fox 13 Seattle

In a dramatic encounter at A Taste of Heaven Espresso in Seattle, a barista named Emma Lee was filmed smashing a customer’s windshield with a hammer after an argument escalated into violence. The incident began when the customer, who regularly frequented the coffee stand, disagreed over the pricing of his order. According to Emma, the customer, who had ordered a 32-ounce coffee and a 24-ounce water totaling $22, became irate when she charged him the standard price instead of a discounted rate he claimed he usually received.

The altercation quickly intensified as the customer accused Emma of scamming him and reacted aggressively. Emma stated that the man screamed at her, attempted to pry open the service window, and made a threatening remark saying, “Nobody is going to miss you.” In a fit of rage, the customer then threw his drinks at Emma, which prompted her to retaliate by smashing his car windshield with a hammer.


Following the incident, Emma called the police and filed misdemeanor assault charges against the customer. The man has since been banned from the coffee stand, but he might seek compensation for his damaged windshield through small claims court. Emma, who works as a bikini barista—serving coffee while dressed in swimwear—expressed frustration over the expectation that she should tolerate such aggressive behavior simply because of her work environment. She argued that her response to the customer’s violent outburst was justified given the circumstances.

In a post on Instagram, Emma addressed the broader issue of safety for women in her line of work. She highlighted the challenges faced by those who work alone in revealing clothing and interact with strangers throughout their shifts. While most customers are respectful, Emma pointed out that there are occasional instances where patrons cross the line into verbal or physical abuse.

The incident has sparked a divided reaction online. While some criticize Emma for her aggressive response, many have come to her defense, sympathizing with the difficult and sometimes dangerous situations faced by workers in the service industry. Emma’s story has shone a light on the importance of ensuring safe and respectful treatment for all employees, regardless of their workplace environment.