Bartender Divides The Internet After Customer Asks For ‘No Ice’ To Try And Get More Alcohol

Bartender Divides The Internet After Customer Asks For ‘No Ice’ To Try And Get More Alcohol

A bartender has sparked a debate online after calling out a customer who requested no ice in their drink, implying the request was an attempt to get more alcohol. The incident occurred when the customer ordered a tequila with cranberry juice and no ice. In a video shared on TikTok, bartender Jemima June explained that asking for no ice does not result in more alcohol, just more mixer. She emphasized that the only way to get more alcohol is to order a double.

The video, which has been liked over a million times since its posting in February 2023, divided opinions among viewers. Some users criticized the bartender, arguing that people may have various reasons for requesting no ice, such as disliking cold drinks or having a sore throat. Others supported the bartender, noting the common misconception that less ice equals more alcohol.


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One user shared their experience of being treated rudely by a bartender when asking for less ice, while another mentioned preferring drinks without ice due to personal taste. Meanwhile, several bartenders in the comments related to Jemima’s frustration, pointing out the challenges of dealing with such requests during busy shifts. Despite differing opinions, the video highlights the ongoing debate over customer service and drink preparation in the hospitality industry.

The viral nature of the video also brought attention to the broader conversation about the expectations placed on service industry workers. Many commenters expressed empathy for bartenders who have to navigate demanding customer requests while maintaining efficiency and professionalism. This incident serves as a reminder of the often overlooked pressures faced by those working behind the bar, and the importance of mutual respect between customers and service staff.