Bartender Makes Over $6k A Night From Slapping Spring Breakers

Bartender Makes Over $6k A Night From Slapping Spring Breakers

In a twist that makes slapping contests seem like child’s play, Aiyana Callas, a 26-year-old bartender at Backyard Fort Lauderdale, has turned the act of slapping her customers into a lucrative career move. With her unique “Hurricane Shots,” priced at a whopping $30 each, Callas has redefined the nightlife experience for Spring Breakers in Fort Lauderdale.

These aren’t your average shots. The ritual involves taking a shot from a glass held in Callas’ mouth, getting drenched with a pitcher of water, and then receiving a theatrical slap. It’s an experience that’s as Instagram-worthy as it is unconventional. Callas emphasizes that consent is always obtained before the slap, ensuring it’s all in good fun and not a case of barroom brawling gone corporate.

Selling around 150 to 200 of these slap-happy shots nightly, Callas isn’t just making a splash; she’s raking in up to $6,000 a night. That’s quite the payday for what could be considered one of the most bizarre job descriptions out there. She operates under her entertainment company, showing that entrepreneurial spirit can indeed come in the most unexpected forms.

Callas’ act isn’t just about the slap; it’s about the performance. She describes herself as a performer at heart, blending acrobatics and wrestling theatrics into her routine. This unique blend of entertainment has made her a seasonal sensation, with college students flocking to her for a memorable Spring Break tale.

While Callas thrives in her niche, not all bartenders have the same experience. Jemima June, another bartender, shared her frustration on TikTok over customers expecting more alcohol for drinks without ice. It’s a stark contrast to Callas’ more lucrative and physically engaging customer interactions.

In a world where the service industry often goes unrecognized, Callas stands out as a testament to creativity and boldness in the face of routine. Whether you’re there for the shot, the slap, or just to witness the spectacle, one thing is clear: “Hurricane Aiyana” is a force to be reckoned with.