Bill Clinton ‘Unmasked As Doe 36’ And Identified More Than 50 times in Jeffrey Epstein Documents

Bill Clinton ‘Unmasked As Doe 36’ And Identified More Than 50 times in Jeffrey Epstein Documents

Former President Bill Clinton is set to be identified as ‘John Doe 36’ in a trove of court documents related to the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, which are expected to be released soon. According to a report by ABC News, Clinton, 77, is mentioned more than 50 times across redacted documents from a 2015 lawsuit filed by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre.

The references to Clinton in these documents are believed to stem from Giuffre’s attempts to compel the former president to testify against Epstein and his former paramour and co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell. Other mentions are expected to be related to attempts from both Maxwell and Giuffre to make Epstein come clean in 2016 after he repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment rights during a deposition in that lawsuit.

The documents, however, are not expected to implicate Clinton in any illegal activity. The names of more than 170 people, previously known only as John and Jane Does, with ties to Epstein are expected to be revealed in the documents after Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska ruled they would be unsealed in the new year.

Several people identified in the documents have already had their association with Epstein or his vile sex-trafficking ring exposed. Many accusers and alleged victims are expected to be named, along with people who worked for Epstein over the years, were a part of his inner circle, or allegedly participated in his crimes.

One such individual includes Prince Andrew, who Giuffre was allegedly told to have sex with by Maxwell and Epstein on numerous occasions. Some of the documents are expected to include testimony from a woman known as ‘Jane Doe 162,’ who testified about being with Prince Andrew at a 2001 party at Epstein’s NYC townhouse where Giuffre, then 17, alleged she was told to have sex with him. The British royal has denied the allegations and has claimed he never met Giuffre, even though photos have emerged showing them together. He eventually settled out of court a lawsuit brought by Giuffre.

Clinton, who was photographed with Epstein and flew on his private jet on numerous occasions, has denied having any nefarious connections with the sex offender. Giuffre attempted to subpoena him to testify in her lawsuit, claiming she met the former president at Epstein’s private Caribbean Island, Little St. James. Maxwell insisted Clinton never visited the island, and the ex-president declined to testify claiming he was never there. Flight records appear to support the former president’s claims.

Representatives for Clinton did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publication.