Billie Eilish Marks Her Name On Melissa McCarthy’s Forehead During SAG Awards

Billie Eilish Marks Her Name On Melissa McCarthy’s Forehead During SAG Awards

At the recent SAG Awards, Billie Eilish proved she’s not just a superstar with a golden voice but also one with a heart (and a humor) of gold, as she took fan service to the next level by signing an autograph in a place no one could have predicted—right on Melissa McCarthy’s forehead. Yes, you read that correctly. The event, which usually celebrates the crème de la crème of acting, briefly turned into a comedy sketch when the “Bad Guy” singer and the comedic powerhouse McCarthy teamed up to present an award.

The duo was tasked with presenting the award for Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series, but before they could get to the actual awarding, McCarthy, in her signature comedic flair, decided to fangirl over Eilish. She excitedly recounted all the times she had ‘met’ Billie Eilish, leading to a unique request: for Eilish to sign her shiny chrome silver dress. Eilish, ever so considerate, declined, fearing she might ruin the elegant gown. Not one to be easily deterred, McCarthy upped the ante and offered her forehead as an alternative canvas.


Without missing a beat, Eilish grabbed a black Sharpie and proceeded to autograph McCarthy’s forehead, covering her mouth to suppress her laughter as she added the finishing touches to her signature. The audience and viewers alike were treated to a moment of pure hilarity, showcasing the fun and unexpected interactions that can happen when stars collide at award shows.

Billie Eilish was at the ceremony because of her contribution to the “Barbie” movie soundtrack, which was up for four awards that night. As for McCarthy, while she was probably thrilled to have such a unique interaction with Eilish, one can’t help but wonder if her biggest concern post-ceremony was finding the most effective way to remove Sharpie ink from skin.

This memorable moment at the SAG Awards serves as a reminder that amidst the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, stars can still have fun and make award shows feel a little less formal and a lot more entertaining. And as for Billie Eilish, she’s proven once again that she’s always ready for an autograph session, no matter how unconventional the request may be.