Bob Saget’s Widow Is Instagram Official With Boyfriend Breckin Meyer

Bob Saget’s Widow Is Instagram Official With Boyfriend Breckin Meyer

Nearly two and a half years following the heartbreaking loss of Bob Saget, his widow, Kelly Rizzo, is finding happiness anew. Recently, she chose a significant moment—the F1 Grand Prix in Miami—to go public on Instagram with her boyfriend, Breckin Meyer. This public acknowledgment coincided with Meyer’s milestone 50th birthday, a day Rizzo marked with warmth and affection on social media.

In her Instagram post, Rizzo’s caption overflowed with endearments for Meyer, painting a picture of a man who is not only her partner but her source of joy. She described him with a string of admiring adjectives: “kind, sweet, silly, thoughtful, completely hilarious, handsome, understanding, charming, forever curious, compassionate, witty, warm, and wonderful.” The celebratory post, complete with a cheerful picture of the duo, quickly filled with likes and supportive comments.

The acknowledgment from the celebrity world was immediate. Notables like singer Caitlin Crosby and actress Jana Kramer, alongside Melissa Coulier—who is married to Dave Coulier, Saget’s “Full House” co-star—publicly expressed their happiness for the couple. This celebrity engagement underscores the couple’s warm reception in their social circles.

The journey to this relationship has been both gentle and scrutinized, as Rizzo and Meyer were spotted together at several high-profile events earlier in the year. From a Grammy Viewing Party to being seen sharing a kiss at a friend’s wedding in Mexico, their relationship gradually moved from whispers to public acceptance.

Behind the scenes, the support runs deeper. Rizzo has mentioned in the past that Saget would have been supportive of her finding happiness again—a sentiment that is poignant given the circumstances of his passing. Saget’s daughters, too, have given their blessing, bridging their father’s memory with their acceptance of Meyer.

Bob Saget’s untimely death in 2022 was a significant blow to many, especially in how sudden and tragic the circumstances were—found deceased in his Florida hotel room from an injury likely sustained in an accidental fall. His legacy, however, continues to be a topic of reverence and celebration, touching on the joy he brought to life and to screens worldwide, often revisited in podcasts and remembrances that celebrate his life and work.

As Rizzo steps forward with Meyer, her transition from grief to new love is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity to find happiness after loss. Her openness on social media not only invites her followers into her journey of healing but also serves as a narrative of moving forward, always with the blessings of past love and the supportive echoes of a shared history.