Bride and Groom Face Massive Backlash After Sharing 15 Rules For Wedding

Bride and Groom Face Massive Backlash After Sharing 15 Rules For Wedding

A bride and groom from the UK have come under fire for imposing 15 strict and outrageous rules for guests attending their wedding. These rules, which many have deemed overly controlling and unreasonable, have sparked significant backlash on social media. The couple’s guidelines include a strict dress code, prohibiting guests from wearing anything other than black, white, or gold. They also demanded that guests arrive an hour early, refrain from taking photos, and adhere to a no-alcohol policy unless provided by the venue.

One of the most criticized rules was the couple’s stipulation that guests must not bring their children, with exceptions only for the bride and groom’s immediate family. Additionally, guests were instructed not to approach the bride or groom without permission and were told to avoid making any negative comments about the event. The couple justified their rules by stating that it was their special day and that they wanted everything to go perfectly. They emphasized that anyone who disagreed with the rules should simply not attend.


The reaction online has been overwhelmingly negative, with many people labeling the couple as ‘bridezilla’ and ‘groomzilla’. Critics argue that the rules are not only restrictive but also inconsiderate and dismissive of guests’ comfort and enjoyment. The couple’s insistence that guests’ opinions were ‘irrelevant’ only fueled the outrage, with many social media users expressing disbelief at the level of control the couple was attempting to exert.

Some commenters have defended the couple, suggesting that it’s their wedding and they have the right to set whatever rules they see fit. However, even among supporters, there is an acknowledgment that the tone and delivery of the rules could have been handled more tactfully. The incident has sparked a broader debate about the balance between a couple’s wishes on their wedding day and the comfort and enjoyment of their guests.

This controversy highlights the importance of communication and compromise in planning major life events. While it’s natural for couples to want their wedding day to be perfect, the needs and feelings of guests should also be considered. As weddings are not just about the couple but also about celebrating with family and friends, finding a balance is key to ensuring a joyous and memorable occasion for all involved.