Brittany Mahomes Hits Back After Her Treatment of Stadium Staff Went Viral

Brittany Mahomes Hits Back After Her Treatment of Stadium Staff Went Viral

Brittany Mahomes, married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, recently addressed criticism over her interaction with a stadium employee during an NFL game.

Following the Chiefs’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens on January 28, which secured their Super Bowl spot, Brittany found herself at the center of social media controversy. A video captured her and Patrick leaving the field at M&T Bank Stadium, showing a moment of confusion for Brittany regarding where to go next. Her gesture, asking an off-camera employee for directions with a finger wave and the question, “Where do we go from here?” sparked negative reactions online.

It seems Brittany is set to have the last laugh. Credit: Instagram/@brittanylynne

The video, shared by NFLoncbs on TikTok, attracted comments accusing Brittany of acting entitled. Critics labeled her a “diva” and suggested her behavior was condescending, with one user remarking, “Mahomes wife needs to get up off her high horse,” and another commenting on her perceived importance since associating with Taylor Swift, “Ever since she has been hanging out with Taylor, she thinks she’s super important.”


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Despite the backlash, Brittany took to her Instagram Stories to repost a message that seemed to address and dismiss the criticism. The online community was divided, with many coming to her defense, questioning the backlash over what appeared to be a simple request for directions. Supporters argued that her actions were misinterpreted, with comments like, “What did she do wrong?!” and “All she did was ask where to go, twirling her finger as part of an expression of the question.”

The debate highlighted how quickly judgments can form online, with some pointing out the unnecessary scrutiny over Brittany’s tone and mannerisms. One defender noted, “What sassy tone? She’s literally just asking where to go from there. If her voice was super nice and polite you’d be saying she’s fake.”

This incident underscores the polarized nature of social media reactions, where even minor interactions can become fodder for public debate.