Céline Dion Shares Heartbreaking Video Of Ten-Minute-Long ‘Crisis’ Seizure

Céline Dion Shares Heartbreaking Video Of Ten-Minute-Long ‘Crisis’ Seizure
YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

Céline Dion has shared heartbreaking footage of herself enduring a 10-minute ‘crisis’ seizure in her new Amazon Prime documentary, “I Am: Céline Dion.” The singer, who announced her diagnosis of stiff person syndrome (SPS) in December 2022, provides an intimate look into her struggle with this rare neurological condition. SPS affects one or two out of every million people and causes muscle stiffness, painful spasms, and other symptoms like an unsteady gait, double vision, and slurred speech.

The documentary captures a particularly severe episode where Dion’s body goes into ‘crisis,’ leaving her gasping for breath and experiencing intense pain. Medical professionals are seen trying to make her comfortable and alleviate the spasms. After the episode, Dion expresses her embarrassment and frustration over losing control of her body. Despite the discomfort, Dion insisted on including the footage in the documentary to provide an honest portrayal of her daily challenges.

Director Irene Taylor initially hesitated to film the seizure but decided to continue, honoring Dion’s request not to seek permission for filming sensitive moments. Taylor recounted that Dion remained in high spirits afterward, reassuring her and allowing the footage to be used. This documentary offers a profound insight into Dion’s life since her SPS diagnosis, highlighting her resilience and determination to share her journey with the world. “I Am: Céline Dion” is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Beyond her medical struggles, Dion’s decision to publicly share her experience aims to raise awareness about stiff person syndrome and its impact. Her transparency about the daily realities of living with SPS hopes to inspire others facing similar challenges and foster a deeper understanding of the condition among the public.


In addition to her documentary, Dion has been actively engaging with her fans through social media, providing updates about her health and expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. Despite her health issues, Dion’s spirit and dedication to her career and fans remain strong, showcasing her as a beacon of courage and hope in the face of adversity.