Channing Tatum Wants 23 Jump Street After Reading Cancelled Script, ‘Best He’s Ever Read For Third Movie’

Channing Tatum Wants 23 Jump Street After Reading Cancelled Script, ‘Best He’s Ever Read For Third Movie’

Channing Tatum is enthusiastic about the possibility of making “23 Jump Street,” after coming across what he describes as the best script he’s ever read for a third movie. Tatum, who starred in the successful 2012 film “21 Jump Street” and its 2014 sequel “22 Jump Street,” has long expressed interest in continuing the franchise. In a recent interview with, Tatum praised the script for the third installment, which unfortunately never progressed beyond the development stage due to bureaucratic hurdles and above-the-line issues.

The proposed project once included an ambitious crossover with “Men In Black,” blending the comedic action of “Jump Street” with the sci-fi elements of “Men In Black.” Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller revealed that the crossover script involved characters Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) becoming entangled in an alien conspiracy while attending medical school. The idea was well-received by those involved but faced numerous production challenges that prevented it from moving forward.

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Tatum remains hopeful about the potential of “23 Jump Street” and has thrown positive energy into the universe, expressing his desire to see the project come to life. He emphasized his eagerness to reunite with co-star Jonah Hill, noting that both actors are keen to reprise their roles and “play again.” Despite the setbacks, Tatum believes that with enough effort and resolution of production issues, the movie could still happen.

Reflecting on the success of the first two films, fans have eagerly awaited a continuation of the series. The unique blend of humor and action, combined with the chemistry between Tatum and Hill, made the “Jump Street” films a hit. Tatum’s optimism and the support from fans may yet breathe new life into the project, especially with the recent trend of reviving beloved franchises.

While the script remains on the shelf for now, Tatum’s comments have reignited interest and speculation among fans. The actor’s enthusiasm and the strong fan base could potentially influence the studios to revisit the idea. If “23 Jump Street” does come to fruition, it promises to deliver the same mix of comedy, action, and camaraderie that made the original films so popular.