Chiefs Fan Found Frozen To Death In Backyard Was Discovered In ‘Unusual Position’

Chiefs Fan Found Frozen To Death In Backyard Was Discovered In ‘Unusual Position’

A Kansas City Chiefs fan was found deceased in an HIV scientist’s backyard, positioned on a lawn chair on the back porch, not lying flat as initially thought, according to Jonathan Price, brother of one of the victims. Price expressed his frustration with the Kansas City police for not providing sufficient information to the families of the deceased.

Price’s brother, Ricky Johnson, 38, was discovered dead alongside David Harrington, 37, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, in a Missouri home’s backyard on January 9. In a conversation with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo, Price revealed that Harrington was found seated on a lawn chair, contradicting earlier assumptions that all three were lying flat.

He criticized the police for their handling of the case, especially their initial dismissal of foul play, and lamented the lack of communication with the families. Price emphasized his need for answers, stating, “I don’t think I’ll ever move on until, I mean, really, I’ll never move on, but especially not knowing what happened to my brother.”

Jordan Willis, a friend of the deceased, claimed he spent 48 hours asleep on a couch with noise-canceling headphones, unaware of the situation. Despite no charges or concrete evidence, Willis faces public scrutiny and accusations, leading to significant distress and safety concerns. A source close to Willis, speaking anonymously, expressed Willis’s devastation over the loss and the impact of the accusations on his life.

The police have clarified that the case is not being treated as a homicide and Willis is not considered a suspect. The investigation is ongoing, with toxicology reports pending to determine if the men died from drug overdoses, potentially exacerbated by freezing temperatures. The source urged patience and restraint in judgment until more facts are available from the ongoing investigation.