Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson Secretly Got Engaged Years Ago

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson Secretly Got Engaged Years Ago

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin, the discreet duo whose romance has been the subject of keen interest since 2017, have been quietly engaged for years, various sources confirm. The “Madame Web” actress and Coldplay’s frontman chose to keep their engagement under wraps, reflecting their overall approach to their relationship, which has been largely shielded from the public eye.

Their love story began to unfold in the public domain when Dakota was seen at a Coldplay concert in 2017. The following year, they were seen holding hands at Stella McCartney’s fashion show, confirming their relationship. Despite their high-profile status, Dakota and Chris have maintained a low-key relationship, rarely making red carpet appearances together. However, glimpses into their relationship have surfaced through adorable beach outings and Chris’s heartfelt concert serenades directed at Dakota.

What’s truly kept Dakota enchanted is their tranquil life together, which includes ordinary pleasures like binge-watching Netflix. She recently opened up about how Chris has been a pillar of support for her, sharing an instance when his simple inquiry about her well-being lifted her spirits during a low phase.

Their bond is not just about the two of them; it extends to family, with Dakota forming a close relationship with Chris’s children, Apple and Moses, from his previous marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow. Dakota’s reflections on motherhood and family life reveal her deep appreciation for the blended family dynamic they share, emphasizing kindness and mutual support.

The couple’s journey has seen its share of symbolic moments, like their matching tattoos, suggesting a deep and enduring connection. From supporting each other’s professional endeavors—Dakota directing a music video for Coldplay—to enjoying simple life pleasures, their relationship is a testament to their shared values and commitment.
While they haven’t made a grand public declaration of their engagement, the couple’s actions speak volumes about their bond, choosing to live their lives together on their terms, away from the public glare.