CNN Host who ‘Doesn’t Drink’ has Priceless Reaction after Shotting Tequila Live on Air

CNN Host who ‘Doesn’t Drink’ has Priceless Reaction after Shotting Tequila Live on Air

Anderson Cooper, the seasoned CNN host, had a memorable moment live on air during the network’s annual New Year’s Eve broadcast from New York’s Times Square. Known for his over two decades of hosting the New Year’s Eve Countdown, with Andy Cohen joining him since 2017, Cooper is not one to shy away from tradition. This year, however, his reaction to a customary tequila shot alongside Cohen left viewers both amused and empathetic.

As the clock struck the top of the hour, Cohen, known for his playful banter, tempted Cooper with a drink, asking, “At the top of the hour, we typically have a toast and […] I guess I’m just wondering, does daddy get his juice?” Cooper, cautious yet game, responded, “Can daddy get his juice responsibly?” Despite Cohen’s reminder that Cooper ‘doesn’t really drink’ and that this was his first tequila shot in two years, the duo proceeded with the tradition.

The moment the tequila was downed, Cooper’s reaction was unmistakable. He grimaced, stuck out his tongue, and displayed a universal expression of distaste that many can relate to when it comes to strong spirits. This candid moment caught the attention of viewers, who quickly took to social media to express their delight. Comments ranged from “I was laughing so hard” to “Anderson’s face says it all!”

The decision for the hosts to indulge in a drink on air was notable, especially considering CNN’s previous imposition of a booze ban during the New Year’s Eve Countdown. This policy was a response to past instances where presenters appeared notably tipsy and made controversial remarks live on air. For example, during the 2022 countdown, Cohen made headlines for his critical comments about then-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and a jab at Ryan Seacrest and his crew, calling them a “group of losers.”

Cohen later issued an apology, and as a result, he and Cooper were restricted from raising a glass during the countdown to 2023. However, the lively and slightly boozy antics of the latest broadcast suggest that the ban might have been lifted, allowing the hosts to once again partake in the spirited tradition of welcoming the new year with a shot, much to the amusement of viewers at home.