Cop is Promoted after Breastfeeding Starving Baby Rescued after Hurricane Otis

Cop is Promoted after Breastfeeding Starving Baby Rescued after Hurricane Otis

In the wake of Hurricane Otis’s devastation, a police officer, Arizbeth Ambrosio, was promoted for her act of compassion—breastfeeding a starving baby rescued from the disaster-stricken area. Sent from Mexico City to Acapulco to assist with relief efforts in October, Officer Ambrosio encountered a distraught mother who revealed her baby hadn’t eaten in 48 hours due to the scarcity of food. Ambrosio, a mother herself, instinctively offered to breastfeed the child while seated on the steps of a local business.

The Mexico City’s Secretariat of Citizen Security recounted the touching incident, noting the mother’s gratitude for Ambrosio’s support and kindness. Pablo Vázquez Camacho, head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, praised Ambrosio’s dedication and service, leading to her prompt promotion. “For her vocation of service to the citizens and for raising the name of Policía Ciudad de México, my colleague Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio from the #Zorros Group, who protected the life of a baby in #Acapulco, was promoted,” Camacho stated in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. He hailed her actions as a model of humanism.

The announcement, accompanied by photos of Ambrosio receiving her promotion certificate, quickly spread online, drawing widespread admiration on platforms like Reddit. Users commended the officer’s heroic deed during a challenging period for the country, with comments ranging from praise for her deserved promotion to expressions of restored hope in humanity.

The incident echoes a similar act by actress Salma Hayek, who breastfed a hungry infant while on a humanitarian mission in Sierra Leone in 2009. Hayek later explained her decision as an effort to combat the stigma against breastfeeding, expressing her belief that her own child would be proud of the generous act.

The backdrop to this heartwarming story is the severe impact of Hurricane Otis, which claimed around 100 lives, including those missing, and caused billions of dollars in damage. The tragedy struck hard in areas like Coyuca de Benítez and Acapulco, highlighting the dire circumstances that led to Ambrosio’s compassionate response. As the region recovers from the hurricane’s destruction, stories like Ambrosio’s offer a glimmer of hope and humanity amidst the chaos.