Couple Retired and Booked 51 Back-To-Back Cruises, ‘It’s Cheaper’ Than Retirement Home

Couple Retired and Booked 51 Back-To-Back Cruises, ‘It’s Cheaper’ Than Retirement Home
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Marty and Jess Ansen, a retired couple from Australia, have taken an unconventional approach to their golden years by living full-time on cruise ships. Since June 2022, they have embarked on an impressive 51 consecutive cruises, primarily with Princess Cruises. They argue that this lifestyle is not only more adventurous but also more cost-effective than living in a traditional retirement home.

For the Ansens, the decision to live at sea is driven by a combination of rising living costs, the high quality of service on cruise ships, and the serene environment they enjoy on board. They highlighted how cruising eliminates the usual concerns of daily life such as rent, groceries, and laundry. In a statement shared through Princess Cruises, the couple explained, “The cruise lifestyle is very efficient. You don’t have to worry about paying for rent or a mortgage, getting groceries or doing your laundry. We’re not young people, cruising is much cheaper than going to a nursing home and means we can continue to travel the world.”

A Current Affair

Their routine on the ships includes participating in various activities like playing table tennis daily and welcoming new ship captains. Despite being great-grandparents, they have formed a close-knit community with the cruise staff and fellow passengers, considering them part of their extended family. Jess recounted a memorable moment when the crew organized a surprise birthday party for her, showcasing the deep connections they’ve built.

Interestingly, the Ansens are not alone in their maritime lifestyle choice. Another couple, Grace and Jerry Grady, sold their belongings to live on the Villa Vie Odyssey, a luxurious residential cruise ship. Their journey, set to last three and a half years, will take them to 425 ports across 147 countries. The cost of such a life at sea can be surprisingly affordable, with long-term passengers able to own a cabin for significantly less than the average home price in the UK.

As the Ansens continue their journey across the seas, their story inspires many to reconsider conventional retirement options. Their life at sea offers them continuous adventure and a unique way to enjoy their retirement, blending exploration with the comforts of home. This lifestyle choice underscores a growing trend among retirees seeking alternatives that provide both excitement and financial practicality.